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This blog is just a place where I can share some of my ideas for that first tricky sentence of a story. The tag line, the clincher. The line should grab your attention and make you want to read more. In my blog all you get is the first sentence(s) providing a glimpse into many possible different stories lines. It is a mind tickler. Some sentences will be dark, some will be imaginative, and some I hope, will be inspirational.  The lines will cover a variety of topics from sci-fi, to western, to intense drama.  I will write about what I see and things I notice during the day and see if I can sculpt it into an intriguing first sentence or two. I hope to construct a beginning worthy sentence to pull a reader deeper into the story. Obviously, this will be a very short blog – a few sentences at most. When I get to know how this all works I’ll try to make the blog more aesthetically pleasing. Please be patient with the slow progress of the construction of the blog. I am doing this from scratch between my many other projects.

I hope you read on and enjoy what you read.


Posted 05/05/2011 by J.L. Carson in General

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