The Gift of Sight   2 comments

The small fairy landed inside the flower. She had just begun to drink the nectar when a tiny voice said, “Will you help me sweet fairy. My family has been killed and I am lost in the forest.” The fairy looked at the dirty child with its almond-shaped eyes and wondered how this human could see it at all.


Posted 06/26/2011 by J.L. Carson in Fantasy

2 responses to “The Gift of Sight

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  1. what happens next? Can the cliild see and will she be OK?

    • That is for you to decide. Yes the child can see the fairy but why? Humans can’t see fairy’s, why this child? Will the fairy help? How will the fairy help. Fairly’s aren’t always nice. It’s your story to do with as you wish I have just given you a glimpse

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