Quick Fix   2 comments

I promise you, after this operation your life will be totally different.


Posted 07/10/2011 by J.L. Carson in General

2 responses to “Quick Fix

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  1. i like your first line. Tell me more. Grand Ma

    Barbara Maxwell
    • I got the idea from my thyroid operation years ago and people telling me “after the operation everything will be great.” If I were to write a story on this I would probably go into something more dramatic like a heart transplant and from this point then go back to her struggles before the transplant. Or you could make it a sex change operation. That would change your life. There are many ways this story could go. You could even go into the future and have them transplanting a person with a terminal illness into a cyborg. or half human, half machine entity. Remember all these lines are is an idea. To see a full chapt look at “All is not as it Seems”. It goes with an earlier post.

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