I’m feeling rather chipper this morning. It’s Saturday and I have already gone for my run along the beach and gotten my grocery shopping done. For those of you that don’t live in such paradise believe me I do know how good I have it. I have lived for a time in the high desert outside of San Diego called Ramona. It was never less than 100 degrees to 110 in the summer and never higher than freezing in the winter at night. Rumor had it, San Diego use to clear their jails by shipping their prisoners up to Ramona because it was just far enough away that they couldn’t really walk back.

Why am I telling you about Ramon? Because I got some great characters from there! There were old me so wrinkled you could barely see the glint of eyes and a big knobby red nose sticky out. They had mouths that were either slammed shut so you couldn’t pry them open even if you wanted to. Others had wide mouths laughing, with their yellow smoked, stained teeth and never a full set at that. These men had had a hard life. They were moved from their mother’s tit to a beer bottle and at ten to a whiskey bottle. They knew bar rooms, court rooms and jail rooms. The woman who hung off them only knew humiliation and survival at all costs. They stuck like leeches to the man that would protect them the most even if that man beat the hell out of them later. They popped out babies who learned the same things that they had learned. And so it went.

Those are only two character types I saw and there were many others, the drug addicts that hid under the bridge, the billionaire horse rancher with a cause, the foul mouthed old lady that tried to collect the uncollectable and save them, and many more.

I watched people but I mostly gripped about no Starbucks or movie theaters. Luckily for me even when I’m not aware I am watching all that is around me. I promise next time it will be on a lighter note.

Have a nice day.


Posted 08/18/2012 by J.L. Carson in General


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  1. Romona has some very interesing people, but I think you are better off in RB. Marc

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