I was out driving, lost actually, trying to find a meeting by the Korean Bell. When you are a writer there are no weekends, but who am I to complain. I lost my job two years ago and I have been trying like mad to get a new one. I still haven’t found one. I have so many friends that have been out of a job for over two years; I don’t think we are even counted in the unemployment numbers anymore. Don’t get me started.

I was having a pleasant drive, even though I was lost, I was musing to myself about a conversation of a scuba diving accident, actually death. I very emphatically said you dive with two, not one, not three, but four. You always have your buddy. I use to dive and I had my buddy. But he, or it could be a she, was an all-around buddy. I said let’s run a marathon and he said, “okay”. Next I said let’s go Mt biking, and he said, first let me buy a bike and then he said, “okay”. I said let’s go backpacking with absolutely no experience, up into the roughest country around the Sierra Nevada’s. He said okay if I can find the highest passes so we can go over them? And I said, “okay”. Unfortunately, for all his athletic ability he had a case of pulmonary edema. If you wondering what that is I didn’t know either at the time. Basically he was drowning in his own fluids. Normally, this doesn’t happen until you usually get to about 14,000 ft. give or take a thousand ft. We barely made 10,000 ft. so it was very unusual that this happened. He survived and we got home. I towed him everywhere around the beach on my bike with his roller blades as he drank a beer. Seems the cure is to get to sea level.

That’s what buddies do for each other they make having fun easier and cushion the bad times. They take the 1:00 a.m. call when your date takes you to a sushi restaurant and you’re allergic to sell fish. You decide to try one strip of blue fin tuna. You get it down, but soon you are sweating and you know you don’t have much time. You have to escape before everyone gets to see that piece of blue fin tuna again.

Buddies go places, do things, talk to you and fill your life up. Never take you buddy for granted.


Posted 08/22/2012 by J.L. Carson in General

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