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Oh my God! Yesterday I helped a friend put on a reception at church. I kept smiling happily at the people dropping off food and they would look at me like I was crazy, then I would remember I was at a funeral. I would quickly change my face to one sorrow with a sad smile of condolence for their loss. It was easy to do since the memory of losing my mother was crystal clear in my mind.

The reason I am in shock this morning is because I am in pain in my lower back. I did too much walking and standing for about three hours. I have had two back surgeries right where it is hurting, but I am sure that if I stretch, walk and apply heat that will fix me right up.

This is all because I finally got out of my sitting position. Now, understand I use to run miles and was trying to do my first Adventure Race. An Adventure Race is when you kayak 5 miles, rappel off a cliff, have to do a special test (usually a mind bender), then run 6 miles to the end, or something like that. I was bored with marathons. However, that was a decades ago. I have since then sat in meetings, sat at the computer, sat at coffee houses, and sat on my couch. If my program of therapy doesn’t work there’s always the Dr., shots, and happy pain pills – yippee!

The moral of the story is always keep a regular regime of exercise even if it is only thirty minutes of walking three days of week. I haven’t even been doing that and my body and mood reflect my sloth. So today I walked to Starbucks and back!


Posted 09/20/2012 by J.L. Carson in General

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