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I was surrounded by monsters. I barely could keep them at bay with light. They were afraid of the light but even the light would not keep the boldest ones away forever. I was crouched there in my meager attire backed up against the wall. The night went on and on and slowly my eyes would start to droop. But then I would awaken again knowing that the monsters were just waiting for an opportunity of laxity on my part to drag me off into the night to torture and do unspeakable things.

Night after night I fought off the monsters. Eventually I always fell asleep but the light kept them away so that I could rest until morning. I would go through the day dreading the night that I would have to face and fight another battle with the monsters.

Then one day my Queen came to me seeing my plight. She took me by the hand and said I have a surprise for you my brave child. She took me through the forest on a path that trailed along the ocean. I could hear the ocean crashing below. I wondered if the good Queen in her mercy was going to throw me from the heights so I could finally stop this endless battle that God had decreed I fight. But the Queen turned inland and my hopes of release were let go.

We came to a building and in the building were many creatures. All the creatures within were hurt and being cared for by people who loved them dearly. I stood there and a small woman came to me wearing a white smock.

“I hear you are in need of a knight?”

I was speechless. I looked at the lady and finally mumbled out, “I am not worthy of a great knight.”

“Your Queen thinks that you are not only worthy of a knight but a silver knight. This Knight is young and must be trained and loved. Are you up to the task?”

“I would love a silver knight or any creature that needed love.” I said.

“Then your Queen has chosen wisely because this knight although strong of heart and very brave will not be of this world long and only a person who would love a damaged and dying creature may have this knight. For he will fight monsters for ten years, but on the tenth year he will falter and then he will have to be protected. Can you do that?”

I stood there. Only ten years, that was not long. Knights usually last much longer. Then I thought he must be a very brave knight because I knew my monsters were terribly strong and terrifying and he would have to fight them during all those ten years. He would have to fight them and other horrible nightmares. Yes, I would love him with all my heart for ten years and then I would protect him while he dies and keep him safe. And on the last day I will hold him in my arms and let him know what a brave companion he is and I love him very much, more than tongue can tell. I will let him know he is going to a place where there is no pain and only love.

“I will take this gift you are offering.” I said.

Then out of the pocket of her smock the lady pulled a gray kitten and held him out to me. I took him and he immediately held on to me and from then on we never let go of each other.


Posted 10/29/2012 by J.L. Carson in General

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