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As this year winds down and I have to be careful as I stand because of all the fattening, delicious food I have eaten I have been reminded of something. I go through life and take particular pleasure in smiling and thanking those that help me, like the checkout people at the grocery stores, the people that help me figure out the new gadgets at the electronics store (if they are patient, which they usually are), and always the Starbuck’s people behind the counter. I run into people repeatedly and I usually don’t even know their name.

I noticed that one of my steadfast checkout clerks at the grocery store was not there. This had gone on a month. I watched and waited thinking she would soon return. Then I forgot about it being the Christmas season and having many things to do. Two days after Christmas I was at the store and I heard two of her co-workers talking and what they said stopped me cold.

 It seems the woman’s name was Cynthia and she died of a sudden heart attack. One moment she was alive with her husband the next minute she was dying as she fell to the floor and when she hit the floor she was dead. I thought about all those people that I see every day and then suddenly they are gone. I like to assume the best. . . but I will no longer be able to wrap myself in that nice cocoon of ‘everything is okay.’

The moral of this is simply, it is a take off of a very similar moral: treat each person with the grace that you may never see them again because you may not.


Posted 02/07/2013 by J.L. Carson in General

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