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I have been fussing between domains, Net Scape and Word Press and all the time Word Press has been warning me that they were going to terminate my domain account, which I never meant to get in the first place. I finally relented and got in touch with Word Press customer service and they told me what I had to do to link Word Press with my Net Scape domain, ‘jlcarsoncreations’, only now it will have Word Press inserted. Oh well, can’t have everything.

I was still getting those notices from WP telling me the end was near. I decided to just wait them out and see if I stayed online. Seems I did and I’m trudging along for now.

I am thinking of giving up writing. I love to write even though I need a few more years to get any good at it. It’s things like this: blogging. I wanted to be a writer not a blogger. Now that I have figured out how I’m supposed to get people to my site, by reading and commenting on their sites (that’s what I was told) I imagine it would work out better. I absolutely refuse to twitter. What I think is interesting and funny most people think is just weird.

Then there are all the socializing and writer’s workshops. The very thought just terrifies me. I guess if I was a prodigy and not a someone with years of writing technical material behind them, I would feel differently. Don’t get me wrong, I grew up in my room reading non-stop science fiction and when that changed to fantasy I followed the trend. I have an abundance of ideas just not a gripping way of telling the story, not yet at least.

Bottom line is I’ve run out of money and I don’t have a day job. So I must bid adieu to writing . . . for now. I of course am going to keep rambling on my blog since I spent so much time getting the darn think up. Offline for now.


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