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I was walking home after education and about to duck into to the bushes to sneak some time to read the rebels’ news pamphlet, when it happened. The sudden darkness that engulfed me was so intense a match would have sputtered out. The darkness slowly moved west over my head. Normally, I ignored these shadows, but this time the darkness was so dense and stifling, I couldn’t. I looked up and instead of seeing a cloud cloaking what we all dreaded to see, I saw a long ship clearly in the night that should have been day. I felt safe hidden in the bushes looking up at the apparition. The ship was like something out of Star Wars, except this ship had a whole array of long arms-like structures reaching towards the ground, and I shuddered to think what it was all for. Later I learned I was right to be terrified.


Posted 01/07/2014 by J.L. Carson in Sci-Fi