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When I thought I would fulfill a lifelong dream and try my hand at writing I pictured myself happily typing at a computer, coffee on its warmer by my hand, cat curled by my feet. My hands would be rapidly typing away creating my novel which might need a rewrite or two . . . maybe three. My first shock was my writing was terrible. I had a great imagination but putting it on the paper was a whole different matter. A few classes latter and the words, “show don’t tell”, “You use the same word too much, He, He, He”, my paragraphs are too long, etc. By the way I am writing Young Adult novels.

Then I began the whole formatting drama, what font, what size margin, how far down till you start a new chapter, etc. Then the worse news, I couldn’t just get an agent and start on my next book. No, I had to be a big part in my marketing. I even had to have a Blog (I put my foot down at a twittering). That was the last thing I wanted was to spend time talking about myself when I was extremely boring. You should have seen me in my thirties.

My attempt to get an agent is a lesson on what not to do.Oh, I got the letter right, but I had nothing published and put in exactly what you’re not supposed to – endorsements from other literary people who have been out of the business for a while and really are family friends. Nor did I do any research on the agents themselves. They were strangers. The novel really wasn’t ready but worse of all, the first line was no good.

Believe or not I am still pecking away with absolutely no expectations.

I thought I would give you a view of my writing corner with all my how-to books.


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Battle Taken and Loss   Leave a comment

The wild dragon rose into the sky enraged, ready to take battle to the human ridden dragons. The armada was too much and the last wild dragon fell and with it something special that could not ever be replaced.

Posted 11/10/2011 by J.L. Carson in Fantasy

Destinations   Leave a comment

The autopod sailed through the atmosphere slowing its approach to the city of Atlantis.





Posted 10/06/2011 by J.L. Carson in Fantasy

The Gift of Sight   2 comments

The small fairy landed inside the flower. She had just begun to drink the nectar when a tiny voice said, “Will you help me sweet fairy. My family has been killed and I am lost in the forest.” The fairy looked at the dirty child with its almond-shaped eyes and wondered how this human could see it at all.

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The last   1 comment

The lonely dragon contemplated what it meant to be the last.

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All is not as it seems   3 comments

The bedraggled dog ran through the tangled brush trying to lose the determined trackers, but he knew his time was running out. It was time to face them and let them know just what spirit they had really been chasing.

Posted 05/14/2011 by J.L. Carson in Fantasy

Dragons enter the New Age   1 comment

“I thought dragons only ate virgins?” She said.

“With the scarcity of virgins these days we have had to adapt.” Replied the dragon.

“Uhmm, I wonder if you are brave enough for a bargain?” The girl asked.

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