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Well I guess I can’t get away with snappy one liner’s. Even I was getting bored. The reason I am writing a blog is because I have been told if you want to be a writer you HAVE to have a blog. This is so agents and others may look at your writing style and also see how many followers you have. So being the lemming that I am, I am going over the cliff with the rest of them. Unfortunately, I have no great stock pile of friends to draw upon and ask them to read my blog. I have been out of work for a while and we have all sort of drifted apart. Actually I don’t want to write about me that’s why I want to be an author – to write about other realities and people. However, the dye is cast and I must do what I must. God, what a whiner. I will stop now.

The purpose of this blog is to write about my tribulations of trying to become a writer and learning a whole new industry (aerospace previously). I will no doubt digress to other topics as the mood takes me but the main thrust is about writing.

Have a nice day.


Posted 08/16/2012 by J.L. Carson

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