When I thought I would fulfill a lifelong dream and try my hand at writing I pictured myself happily typing at a computer, coffee on its warmer by my hand, cat curled by my feet. My hands would be rapidly typing away creating my novel which might need a rewrite or two . . . maybe three. My first shock was my writing was terrible. I had a great imagination but putting it on the paper was a whole different matter. A few classes latter and the words, “show don’t tell”, “You use the same word too much, He, He, He”, my paragraphs are too long, etc. By the way I am writing Young Adult novels.

Then I began the whole formatting drama, what font, what size margin, how far down till you start a new chapter, etc. Then the worse news, I couldn’t just get an agent and start on my next book. No, I had to be a big part in my marketing. I even had to have a Blog (I put my foot down at a twittering). That was the last thing I wanted was to spend time talking about myself when I was extremely boring. You should have seen me in my thirties.

My attempt to get an agent is a lesson on what not to do.Oh, I got the letter right, but I had nothing published and put in exactly what you’re not supposed to – endorsements from other literary people who have been out of the business for a while and really are family friends. Nor did I do any research on the agents themselves. They were strangers. The novel really wasn’t ready but worse of all, the first line was no good.

Believe or not I am still pecking away with absolutely no expectations.

I thought I would give you a view of my writing corner with all my how-to books.


Posted 10/17/2012 by J.L. Carson in Fantasy, General

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